Types of Laptops

How Many Types of Laptops Are There?

Introduction to the Laptop

In this modern era of technology, everyone is fully aware of the latest technologies and modern gadgets. Laptop is one of the most popular technologies of the developing and modern times. Adam Osborne Invented the first laptop, named as “Osborne 1” in 1981. Alan Kay introduced the first portable computer in 1968. In this article, you will learn briefly about types of laptops. Before discussing types of laptops?

You will learn what a laptop is.

What is a Laptop?

A laptop is commonly known as a notebook or personal computer(PC). A machine smaller than a briefcase containing a battery or AC power supply. A laptop is a unique and useful machine that can be easily carried out anywhere. It can be carried out in airplanes, libraries, official meetings, offices, etc It is also called a laptop computer. Compared to a desktop computer, a laptop is easy to use and more convenient to carry. Let’s further discuss How Many Types of Laptops Are There and who invented the laptop first?

How Many Types of Laptops Are There?

Types of Laptops

On the basis of uses functions and purposes, laptops are classified into different types. Keep in mind in this article you will learn about types of laptops, not about manufacturers like Dell, HP, Samsung, etc. There are different types of laptops available in the market but the main types are categorized on the basis of : 

  • Usage
  • Size
  • Operating System

Types Of Laptops – By Screen Size & Weight

First of all, we will discuss the types of laptops on the basis of size and weight. On the basis of size and weight laptops are majorly 

  • Notebook Laptops
  • Ultraportable Laptops
  • Desktop Replacement Laptops

1: Notebook Laptops

In types of laptops, the first type we are discussing is notebook laptops. These laptops can easily be differentiated from others by their screen sizes. This type of laptop has a 15.6-inch screen size. These laptops are slightly different from ultraportable laptops. Due to such similarity, most people are usually confused. Notebook laptops weigh 5 pounds. This type of laptop is also called a midsize or mainstream notebook. The key characteristics of Notebook laptops are given below:

The key characteristics of Notebook laptops

Shared Vudeo Memory

It has a shared or dedicated video memory feature.

DVD Burner

They contain built-in DVD Burners.

Hard Drive

Such types of laptops contain up to 1TB of hard drives.


The processor of Notebook Laptops is AMD Dual Core or Intel.


2 GB to 6GB DDR3 system memory.


Its weight starts from 5 pounds.

Screen size

Its screen size is 15.6 inches but all the way to 18.4-inch diagonal screen.

2: Ultraportable Laptops

Such types of laptops are sometimes called ultrathin or ultraportable laptops. This type of laptop is twice the size of a netbook. Their screen size makes them lighter in weight.

Key features of ultraportable laptops are:

Screen Size

Its screen size is a 13.3 to 14-inch diagonal screen.


Ultraportable laptops are light in weight. Their weight is less than 4 pounds.


This type of laptop has up to 6GB DDR3 system memory.


They contain a dual-quad core processor type.

Hard Drive

Such types of laptops contain 250 GB or bigger hard drives. Also, comes with a 128 GB SSD

Optical Drive

They contain built-in optical drives.

Shared Video Memory

It has a shared video memory feature.

3: Desktop Replacement Laptops

Such types of laptops are totally different from ordinary laptops because they have big screens. They provide a full PC experience. They have a large hard drive, a big screen, and a wide memory system.

The key characteristics of such types of laptops are:

Screen size

Such types of laptops have a 17.3-inch diagonal screen.


This type of laptop has 4GB to 8GB DDR3 system memory.

Hard Drive

Such types of laptops have 7200-rpm and up to 1TB hard drive.


They contain AMD dual- to quad-core or intel processor type.

Disc Burner

They contain Blu-ray disc burners.

Dedicated Graphics

They have dedicated graphics.


High-Resolution Display feature.

Types Of Laptops – By Operating System

In this section, you will learn the types of laptops by operating system. Here I am sharing four types of laptops that work on the basis of major operating systems.

  • Windows Laptops
  •  macOS Laptops
  • Linux Laptops
  • Chromebooks

1: Windows Laptops

This type of laptop runs the Windows operating system which is commonly known as Windows OS. This type of operating system is the most common and most popular that runs on both laptops as well as desktops.

The key features of such types of laptops are:

Software Compatibility

Windows laptops have the ability to run a wide range of software applications from useful tools to games.

Operating System

Have a Windows operating system that is unique and versatile capability.

Powerful Battery

Have a powerful and long-lasting battery that makes your work and entertainment more productive and useful.


For efficient performance, they have powerful processors such as AMD Ryzen or Intel Core.


Unique and stylish designs have a great look and feel for users.


Such types of laptops have amazing security features like BitLocker and Windows Defender.


These computers have lots of connectivity options such as wifi, Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB Ports.

Up-to-date Feature

The regular update feature keeps your laptop up to date.

2: macOS Laptops

Such types of laptops are the product of Apple. These are also known as Macbooks and they work on their own operating system that is called macOS.

 The key features of macOS Laptops are explained below.


For fast and effective computing macOS Laptops have Apple silicon M1 or Intel processors.

Security Feature

Filevault encryption and touch ID are the strong security features of macOS Laptops.


For sharp visuals, they have retina display quality that makes them unique from other types of laptops.


Good battery life for full-day use

Operating System

As we know these laptops are the product of Apple, that’s why they have a Mac operating system.

Siri Integration

With Siri integration, they have voice-activated assistance.


Handoff and airdrop features make them unique to connect with other Apple devices.

Build Quality

Being a product of Apple, the build quality is awesome, elegant, and premium.

Software Availability

Have a wide range of apps on the Apple store.

Gestures and Trackpad

Have multitouch gestures and trackpad features.

3: Linux Laptops

Actually, Linux is an open-source operating system that’s why such types of laptops that use this kind of operating system are called Linux-based laptops. The key features of Linux-based laptops are given here. These features will increase your understanding of the different types of laptops and you will be able to distinguish between different types of laptops.

The key features of Linux Laptops are explained below.


For the better performance of laptops, Linux can optimize system resources, particularly on older hardware.

Security Feature

Their security feature protects your devices from viruses or malware.


Linux provides a multi-platform for different laptop models.

Cost Effective

Linux is free to use, which helps to reduce the cost of owning a laptop.

Dual Booting

For versatility, Linux laptops can be configured with other operating systems for dual booting.


Linux-based laptops are the ideal devices for business and also for server applications because they are well known for their stability and uptime.

Energy Efficiency

Linux-based laptops are energy efficient and they and they turned to optimize battery life on laptops.

Community Support System

The Linux community is always available to help, support, and continue development. It is a great service that Linux offers to its users.


User privacy and data security is the priority of Linux distributions.

4: Chromebooks

We use Google Chrome in our digital works and no doubt it is a product of Google that’s why it is known as Google Chrome. Similarly, the types of laptops that work on Google’s developed operating system are called Chromebooks. This type of operating system is called Chrome OS. The key functions of Chromebooks are:

The Key Characteristics of Chromebooks are


Chromebooks are user-friendly and boot up quickly.

Security Feature

Built-in malware or virus protection and automatic updates are the unique features of Chromebooks.

Long Battery-Life

These laptops have excellent battery life that stays long-lasting even a full day over a single charge.

App Store

Having a Google app store that has unlimited apps and other useful tools.

Google Integration

Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs and much more are the services that are integrated by Google.


Chromebooks are lightweight, that’s why they are convenient to carry out.

Offline Capability

They offer lots of applications and documents to be used offline without internet availability.

Linux Support

They also have Linux operating system support.


Some Chromebooks also have a touch screen or two-in-one convertible options.


Chromebooks offer cloud storage instead of relying on local storage.


Chromebooks are budget-friendly and easily accessible to a large number of users as compared to traditional laptops.


Screen-readers and magnification are the main built-in features that provide accessibility to users having disabilities.

Types of Laptops – By Functionality

In this section, you will learn the types of laptops by Functionality. Here I am sharing such types of laptops with key features.

  • General Purpose Laptops
  •  Business Laptops
  • Gaming Laptops

1: General Purpose Laptops

Such types of laptops are usually used for general purposes. Performance, portability, and functionality are the main features of these laptops. Further key features of general-purpose laptops are given:

The Key Characteristics of General Purpose Laptops are

Operating System

Windows, macOS, and Linux are the main operating systems.


Different sizes and weights of general-purpose laptops make them a good choice for users to fulfill their needs.


Ram and fast processors make their performance remarkable.

Display Options

Offers full HD and 4K display with different sizes.


These laptops come with different storage options like HDDs and SSDs.


General purpose laptops offer a wide range of ports for connectivity like USB, HDMI, audio jacks, etc. for external devices, and peripheral connection USB-C is also available in these devices.

Webcam and Microphone

Comes with a built-in webcam and microphone.

Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth provide wireless connectivity to devices like headphones and mice.

Keyboard and Trackpad

Such types of laptops come with comfortable keyboards and trackpads.


Users can upgrade RAM and storage options in some laptops easily.

2:  Business Laptops

As clear from the name, such types of laptops are designed for business purposes. They don’t demand gaming or HD movies. It has a heavy processor as well as long battery life. The security feature is also remarkable in protecting sensitive data from hackers. The key characteristics of Business Laptops are:

The Key features of business Laptops are

Screen Size

Its screen size is 13.3 to 17.3-inch diagonal screen.


It has 3GB RAM or more.


It has an AMD dual-to-quad core or Intel processor.


It has data security features.

Fingerprint or smart card reader

These laptops have Fingerprint or smart card reader capability.


Such types of laptops have a standard limited warranty.

3:  Gaming Laptops

Such types of laptops are designed for high-performance gaming. These laptops are the best choice and first priority of professional gamers. Gaming laptops have multiple features, some of which are explained below.

The Key features of Gaming Laptops are

Fast Refresh Rate

For smoother play, gaming laptops have fast refresh rate displays, such as 144Hz or 240Hz.

Dedicated Keyboard

For special input, these laptops have special gaming keyboards that contain mechanical switches. Such a keyboard helps the players to play smoothly.

Powerful Processors

Gaming laptops have powerful processors and GPUs.

Powerful Graphics

They have powerful graphics cards for detailed and high visuals.

Quality Audio

These laptops also have unique quality audio features for a better gaming experience.

Cooling System

These laptops also have unique quality audio features for a better gaming experience.


These laptops also have unique quality audio features for a better gaming experience.

Price Range

Available in different price ranges.

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